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To find the approximate value of the work on your order, you can use the handy calculator. After entering the data, we will inform you as the approximate time of manufacture.
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About company

Ltd. "GARS" - a modern manufacturing company that provides processing services for a wide range of sheet materials. Digging GARS is a member of the Center of Technological Support (CTS) Technopark Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. The overall goal of all members of TEC is to build a technological infrastructure of the target for the development of innovative businesses in instrument VAT. Our main function is to provide technology needs, first of all instrument-innovative companies in the original details and the individual process steps on the stage of development and production. Limited to only that function is impossible, so we are working on the market without restrictions and preferences.
Stage of development of new product orders are not characterized by a large amount, pursuant to which, within a reasonable agreed period of time is one of the bottlenecks in the innovation process in the field of instrument making today. This is because traditional economic logic of the producers is that the greater the volume of the order, so it is more profitable.
Why do GARS company is not it? In relation to the customer we build a management system as follows:
    1. The pricing mechanism does not depend on the characteristics of the order (including technology).
    2. The company carries out any orders (on reaching an agreement on price and timing) that are able to perform technically and technologically.
    3. Companies are not engaged in production of any of its products, which could become for them a higher priority than customers of IT services.
    4. Priorities are determined only by order fulfillment of receipt of order.
    5. Real-time pre-processing order (time pricing, time of execution, the start of work, etc.) is less than labor input, expressed in hours.
    6. The process of manufacturing products and pricing is transparent for the customer.
    7. We offer services to customers to minimize their resource consumption.
The control system arranged in such a way allows us to consistently raise the productivity of labor. In the limit, it allows you to sell the customer a real-time at a fixed price (not to be confused with the standard-setting clock, it is not real time, but only during manufacturing operations, estimated previously, and there is no feedback from the actual time expended). With this approach, the direct costs (depreciation of machine tools, electric power consumption of the instrument, etc.), referred to the actual working time spent on order for a small order is less than for large.
 Thus, in the company GARS There is no minimum order value. Your order is worth just as much as it requires total labor costs at all stages of its implementation!