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Waterjet cutting
Cutting is carried out with water pressure up to 3500 atm. with the addition of abrasive (garnet). The working area of the machine 3200x1570 mm.

Waterjet cutting technology allows you to handle:
    • difficult to cut materials;
    • All types of metals and alloys (titanium, copper, brass, stainless steel, high alloy and structural steels, wear-resistant steel Hardox and others);
    • materials, contaminating the cutting tool;
    • brittle materials (marble, granite, glass, ceramics);
    • rubber, polyurethane, foam materials, leather, wood;
    • composite materials.

Benefits of using waterjet cutting technology:
    • ability to cut material thickness up to 200 mm;
    • waterjet has no thermal effect on the material being cut, therefore, the edges of the material is not subjected to       thermal load, no oxides, dross;
    • Lack of "taper", because cutting head automatically adjusts the angle depending on the material and thickness;
    • high quality of the edges;
    • ability to cut the packages, which consist of several layers of different materials;
    • ability to cut a variety of composite materials, because they do not create gaps in the structure of the material;
    • cutting width 0.5-1mm;
    • Low tangetsialnoe cutting force on the workpiece (workpiece is not clamped);
    • full explosion and fire water-jet cutting process;
    • Work from drawings in dwg format and dxf.