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Laser cutting
Laser cutting - a technique cutting sheet materials, based on the use of a focused laser beam is controlled power. This technology allows you to cut flat contours of almost any shape and form with high accuracy. The equipment allows you to work with the sheet material sized 1500h3000 mm.

The advantages of laser cutting
     • Low cost of work over other methods of treatment of materials due to the higher rate of production;
     • the thickness of the material:
           Structural steel up to 15 mm;
           The alloys based on aluminum and 5 mm;
           Stainless steel up to 6 mm;
• cutting width of 0.2 mm;
• roughness of the cutting edge of about 0.25 microns;
• Cut the brink of fused;
• There is no mechanical effect on the item being processed;
• residual deformation and internal stress due to minimal heating zone are insignificant;
• details that usually do not require additional treatment due to the high quality and accuracy of cut;
• ability to work from drawings in dwg, dxf, jpg and other image formats.